Where one man's junk is another's treasure!

Calhan Auction Market, Inc. miscellaneous sale is held every Monday.

Starts at 10:00 am

The sale starts with small animals: chickens, rabbits, ducks, turkey's, cages etc.

We CANNOT sale Mattresses or Furniture of any kind


Miscellaneous Sale

All decisions made on sale days are at the auctioneers decretion.

For More Information please feel free to give us a call at 719-347-2417


You must have a buyers number to purchase items at our Misc. Sale.

These numbers change each week so you must register every week.

Buyers Numbers

To get a buyers number please come to the Misc. Sale Window by our office. You will need an ID to register and a working phone number.

Numbers change each week and you will need to register each week you come to the auction. They work for both the misc. sale and the livestock sale.

How our Auction Works

The auction starts at 10:00 am in our quonset building. The order of items sold are:

Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Rabbits, Eggs, Veggies, etc will sell first



Misc. Items will sell after all of the small animals and will start at our "Start" Arrow

Do NOT leave items you have purchased left unattended! We are not responsable for any items.

Once you have purchased all of your items then come inside to our Misc. Sale Window and give our office employee your buyer number. We will then pull up all of your items please make sure that everything we have you purchasing is correct.

We accept Cash & Debit/Credit Cards

If you bring your small animals in a cage, the cage will go with the animals. We are not longer allowing the transfer of animals from one cage to another due to handling.

If you want to sell a cage, please make sure it is empty.

Do NOT take cages unless you bought them.

You MUST take the whole box if you buy a box of items.

You may NOT use our dumpster.

You bought it, it is ALL yours.


Please have your animals checked into our auction BEFORE 10:00am

Items dropped off after 10am are subject to being sold at the end of the sale.

Items cannot be left without an employees knowledge. This is for your benefit and ours. We are not responsible for items left. 

If you bring your animals in a cage, the cage will go with the animals. We are no longer allowing the trasnfer of animals from one cage to another. Due to handling issues. If you would like to sell just a cage, please make sure the cage is empty. 

If you bring your animals in a box please make sure that there are holes cut in it so the animal can breathe. 

You May NOT use our dumpsters! You bring it you take it home!

You are responsible for making sure any unsold items are taken after the sale is over.

Hours of Dropoff:

We will need your name, a working phone number and a list of items you bring to sell

Chickens, Rabbits, Ducks and etc. can only be dropped off

Mondays 8:00am - 9:30am

Misc. Items can be dropped off

Wednesday-Saturday by appointment only

Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Monday 8:00am - 9:30am

Items you should NOT bring: 

Tires, Shoes, Clothes, Stuffed Animals, Baby Toys, Stuffed Furniture (Couch, Chairs, Ottoman, etc.) Mattresses, Box Springs, TV's, Nothing in a Plastic Bag, NO FURITURE OF ANY KIND.

Items you can bring should be in Good Condition & Clean:

Working Appliances, Household items, Farm & Ranch items, etc.


We will need to balance our sale in order to pay you for items sold.

We will not mail procceeds, you will need to come in to get your payment.

Small Animals & Hay - You can receive your payment for items sold 20 mins after all of the small animals & hay has been sold. 

Misc. items - You can receive your payment for items sold 20 mins after the sale is over.


Small Animals - 25%

Hay - 10%

Titled Vehicles - 15%

Misc. Items Vary Per Price Sold

$0.00 - $4.99 - 50%

$5.00 - $19.99 - 30%

$20.00 - $149.99 - 25%

$150.00 & Up - 20%